Let Homster transform your floor plans into interactive 3D sales experiences

Next-gen real estate marketing:

Sell your residential properties at a higher price in a shorter time, even before they're built.

Enhance your real estate marketing by offering more than standard blueprints and model homes. Give buyers an immersive tour of their chosen floor plan, as well as a detailed view of the entire project and surroundings, for a comprehensive and engaging sales experience.
Aerial view of a cityscape with red outlines highlighting pre-construction development areas, illustrating potential for urban growth.
Unlock the True Potential of Your Listings:

Showcase remodeling options and seal the deal faster with potential home buyers.

Move beyond static visuals and generic home tours. Offer your clients a tailored view of what their future home could look like. By integrating remodeling possibilities into your presentations, you not only cater to their personal preferences but also increase the perceived value and potential of every listing.
Luxurious modern bathroom featuring a sleek black bathtub against a stunning marble wall with contrasting dark and light tones.
Their Styles, Their Homes:

Let Homebuyers Personalize Their Interior Experience!

Homster revolutionizes homebuying by automatically creating personalized home designs in real time. This innovative approach offers more than style selection, encompassing a variety of personalization categories to ensure each home truly reflects the owner's unique preferences.
Minimalist bedroom design with a distinctive curved wall lamp over a bedside table, creating a fusion of functionality and style.
A New Era in Interior Design:

Harnessing AI for Unprecedented Speed and Affordability.

Homster disrupts the industry with its groundbreaking AI-powered automated interior design technology, with enhanced cost and speed benefits, coupled with the ability to generate dynamic and personalized live content.
Mid-century modern wooden sideboard adorned with a clear vase and a stylish wooden lamp casting a soft shadow, evoking a warm ambiance.
Authentic Exterior Perspectives:

Revolutionizing Virtual Tours with Geographical Precision.

Leveraging geographical data, Homster introduces a paradigm shift in virtual tours by automatically generating real exterior views, ensuring each virtual glimpse into future homes is as realistic and authentic as possible.
View from inside a high-rise building's window overlooking a sprawling cityscape, showcasing urban architecture and skyscrapers.
Limitless Creativity, Infinite Results:

Fuel Your Marketing and CRM with Unlimited Visual Assets!

Say goodbye to repetitive visuals and limited marketing materials – Homster offers you an endless supply of visuals, empowering you to unlock your creative potential, captivate your audience, and elevate your marketing and CRM strategies.
Contemporary dining space with minimalist design featuring leather chairs and a sleek table under a modern linear light fixture.
Unleash Your Curiosity:

Embark on a Dynamic Walk-Around Journey, Not a Static 3D Tour!

Experience the freedom to roam and explore without limitations as our dynamic walk-around journey takes you on an immersive tour, unbounded by hotspots or restricted viewpoints.
Chic mid-century modern makeup vanity with gold accents complementing a plush stool and round mirror, set against a soft curtain backdrop.
How it works?

From floor plans to public listings in minutes


Upload your floor plan.


Make necessary adjustments to the floor plan details that have been automatically labeled by the system.


Get an interactive Virtual Tour, ready with real-time personalizable designs - all within minutes.


Showcase your design by making it public, share seamlessly on your chosen platform or webpage.
Why Homster?

The new standard in real estate marketing

Transform floor plans into immersive 3D tours in minutes. Boost leads, speed up sales, and enhance content with Homster's AI, requiring zero design skills.
Hands typing on a laptop with floating digital icons for email, analytics, and social media, representing dynamic online business strategies.

Superior lead quality

Attract leads more likely to convert and enable homebuyers to make informed, confident decisions by picturing their future home through immersive 3D sales experiences, ensuring quicker and more valuable conversions.
usiness professional reviewing bar graph charts, indicating growth and profit analysis during a strategic planning session.

Profit boost

Mitigate increased financing and holding costs due to prolonged property sales and counteract diminished profit margins caused by construction expenses and off-plan discounts with Homster's value-added, remodeling-focused tours, accelerating sales and enhancing profitability.
A wooden house model next to a blue alarm clock on a desk, symbolizing the importance of timing in the real estate market.

Unrivaled speed

Unlike weeks-long manual production methods, Homster generates immersive 3D virtual tours in just minutes, providing unparalleled speed and efficiency in showcasing properties, thereby accelerating your marketing efforts.
Split-screen comparison of a modern minimalist living room and a cozy, traditional living room, showcasing diverse interior design styles.

Unlimited visual content

Empower your marketing across social media, websites, and listings with an infinite supply of dynamic visuals. Homster ensures you never run out of captivating content, enhancing your online presence and audience engagement.
Creative woman holding paint samples and a roller with a vibrant blueprint background, planning for a colorful home renovation project.

Zero design effort

Unlike tools that demand design skills and manual effort, Homster's AI-powered platform automates the entire design process. Enjoy effortless personalization without the need for any design expertise or labor-intensive tasks.
Hand holding a smartphone that displays a virtual tour of a modern dining room, highlighting the convenience of digital visualization.

Boundless roaming

Experience dynamic walk-around tours that break free from standard virtual tours' limitations. Explore properties without restrictions or hotspots, offering an immersive, unrestricted virtual tour experience unlike traditional tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore top queries with our selected, insightful featured FAQs here.
What is Homster?

Homster is a technology company that creates automated and user-personalizable 3D tours, fly-through videos, 3D floor plans, and still renderings from floor plans. We cater to real estate developers, brokerages and agents, providing innovative solutions for showcasing properties.

Is it possible to feature an entire residential construction project using Homster?

Yes, showcasing a complete residential construction project is entirely possible with Homster. For such comprehensive marketing needs, we provide a holistic solution that includes showcasing the entire construction and its surroundings. If you'd like to explore this further, please feel free to contact our sales team by filling out the contact form.

Why is interior design automation important?

Interior design automation is crucial as it significantly reduces costs, increases speed, and enables real-time personalization. It allows for efficient design processes and tailored experiences, enhancing homebuyers' satisfaction.

How can Homster help me sell properties at a higher price in a shorter time?

By providing immersive 3D tours and personalized interior design styles, Homster enables potential buyers to visualize and connect with properties, resulting in higher perceived value and quicker sales.

How does Homster personalize the homebuying process?

Homster empowers potential homebuyers to personalize their new homes across multiple dimensions, including household type, accessibility options, work-from-home needs, exercise preferences, and more. This comprehensive personalization ensures that each home truly reflects the owner's unique lifestyle and preferences.

Still have questions?

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